Saturday, June 30, 2007

Flying in Krushevo - and this is called suboptimal!

Today started as per usual, getting some yogurt and pastries at the local breakfast spot, then heading up and out, oh, whole 5 minutes up the hill and setting up for the first flight of the day. We took off with Marko around 1130am - the air was what you would call "textured" but we headed out for a cross country flight after quickly getting to about 4000 ft ASL or about 3000 ft over ground. After bobbing about for 40 min or so decided to play it safe and come back to the landing zone to go for another flight later. In the meantime everyone had happy "dart flights" dodging thermals and quickly landing to start getting ready for another flight.
All but one, that is. Alek took off a bit later than us and proceeded riding all the way up to around 6000 ft ASL and going 30 km out and BACK! By the time we were up and done with lunch Alek toplanded and then took off again! So, we went for our second... and third flights with various degrees of success.
More local pilots joined and all kinds of fun have been had. Check out a brief selection of photos above.

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