Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Home, sweet home

So, I am a bit behind on my blogging responsibilities - so here is my catch up effort...

3 days back we started by waking up at 9 am with Marko and Bobo - and heading right up to launch. 10 am and the wind was blowing right in on main launch - so without further ado we took off and enjoyed a surprising ride for a good 40 minutes - thermalling right over Krushevo and even taking a couple of pictures. Then, headed to the landing, packed up and went back to the city. But, that was just a part of the adventure - when we got to the city and started to unpack the car Marko discovered an unexpected hitchhiker - a snake was peacefully coiled on the back seat under one of the bags! Initial fright and excitement passed without any harm to the snake with bags and parts of the car taken out quickly to chase the visitor out. Marko got the reinforcements from the local computer cafe called "Hell" and soon was armed to the teeth with a broom, pair of flying gloves and a support crew of all of the attendees of the cafe. To snake's luck it managed to slip into the chassis - which gave everyone a chance to take a deep breath. A quick run to the computer upstairs revealed that our visitor is extremely unlikely to be a viper - one of the three poisonous snakes in the Balkan region - and when Marko went back down it just peacefully slipped away.

In the evening spent time at the foot of Vodno at Marko's mom's house - quite a change of pace from the days before.

Next day morning Bobo picked us up bright and early. We decided to go for just one more flight before heading home. To summarize, "we are already here" is NEVER a good reason to fly! After much turbulence and adventurous landings we were happy to head back home for the farewell party. And a good party it was! Fun was had by all.

In the morning, after a short nap we checked up on Eli and off to the airport! Ciao Macedonia till next year!

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