Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Two flights and a lot of sleep.

What do you do on a day when you think you can't fly... but really want to? Well, first of all you don't believe the forecast, of course! Second, you hedge your bets!

The funny thing is on the days that you expect big clouds and overdevelopment those things don't crop up till later in the day. So, getting out of the house at 430 am turns out to be just early enough! Trust me, pictures would tell a better tale!

We were up on top of Vodno overlooking the city of Skopje, next to the largest cross in the world at 545 am. Set up, goofed around in front of the camera and took off! The smoothest, calmest air ever, just playing around, taking pictures of the Omegas that Marko and Joka were flying - all that before the city even thought of waking up! Landed 3 blocks away from Marko's appartment and went to sleep! Woke up, cleaned the post party appartment (oh, yes, there was a reason why we were STILL up at 430am) and went up again, this time to Skopska - the wind was over the back - so we took off over the back too! Flew toward Kosova - yes, here you have to be careful to land in the same country you took off in! - turned into a ravine and off to the landing zone - a 10-15 min glide in the evening air... and more pictures to come.

Then, collected ourselves and headed to Joka'a parents for a home-made meal. Could not wish for a better conclusion for the day. Tomorrow - Krushevo!

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