Friday, July 13, 2007


Praha is one of my favorite European cities, got to hang out with Atanas (Marko's brother) and Mariana - had a great time, maxed out on complete lack of sleep and once on the plane back home all I could do is wish for the next trip to Macedonia next year! Signing off. Sander.

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Prague Hotels said...

Prague is beautiful city with architecture going back to the middle ages. I was impressed by the Prague castle, the old town's powder gate tower and the famous astronomical clock. I had a chance to explore the Jewish quarter, also fascinating (the Spanish synagogue is not to be missed). St. Vitus's Cathedral rivals Notre Dame as a massive, buttressed church: it also houses the tomb of "Good King Wenceslas". Charles Bridge is a treasure, a great beauty. The last time I visited your city I stayed at the Three Pelicans hotel at the western edge of the bridge. I liked it best early on a drizzly morning with few people around.